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Recent News

Dual-Pol Installations Complete for Oklahoma Radars
Oct 15, 2012

As of October 15, 2012, dual-polarization upgrades have been completed for all Oklahoma radar sites (KVNX, KINX, KTLX, and KFDR). The region is not completely finished, however, as several radars that provide coverage near or along Oklahoma's border have not been upgraded yet. Here is the schedule for the remaining radars in the region:

11/26/2012 - 12/7/2012: Fort Worth, TX (FWS)
1/21/2013 - 2/1/2013: Shreveport, LA (SHV)
3/25/2013 - 4/5/2013: Dyess Air Force Base, TX (DYX)
3/25/2013 - 4/5/2013: Pueblo, CO (PUX)
4/8/2013 - 4/19/2013: Lubbock, TX (LBB) 

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