The Oklahoma Cold Front of November 10, 1995
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Question 7. Look at the radar echoes at 9:30 p.m. What type of precipitation is falling in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas? Compare the precipitation that is likely falling in Lincoln county with the precipitation that is falling in Pittsburg and Atoka counties.

Answer. From the radar echoes, it appears that light snow is falling over Oklahoma county while heavier snow is covering Tulsa county. The precipitation over Lincoln county has a smooth, stratiform texture, which suggests snowfall. The temperature in Chandler is between 28°F and 32°F (from Mesonet data), which agrees with our conclusion. The precipitation over Pittsburg and Atoka counties has a more cellular, convective look, which would suggest rain or freezing rain. The Mesonet temperature in McAlester falls near the 36°F contour, so the precipitation is liquid.

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