Oklahoma Climatological Survey


WxScope Plugin: Basic Usage


Zooming, Scrolling, Legend/Detail Panes

  • Zoom in: Click in the map.
  • Zoom out: Right-click in the map. (Mac Users: Option-click)
  • Scroll within map: Once zoomed in, alt-drag* within map . (Mac Users: Command-drag)
  • Zoom box: Shift-click-drag and draw a box. The highlighted area will be the zoomed area.
  • Access Legend Details: Click on legend item (e.g., Air Temperature at 1.5 m)
  • Cursor Tracking: Once on a detail pane, drag across map.
  • Legend Index: Once on a detail pane, click middle index button at bottom of legend.
  • Toggle Legend Items: In Legend index view, right-click image item (e.g., Site name). (Mac Users: option-click)
* "Drag" means to hold down the mouse button and move the mouse at the same time. "Alt-drag" means to hold down the alt key and the mouse button while moving the mouse at the same time.


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