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Introduction to WxScope Plugin

Basic Meteorology for Emergency Managers: Proactive Decision Support for Severe Weather Events
 (Break-out Session at the 2003 National Severe Weather Workshop, 12 MB PowerPoint file)

Case Studies

Severe Weather: The Kansas-Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak of April 26, 1991

Flooding: The Virginia Storms of June 27, 1995

Severe Weather & Flooding: The Dallas and Fort Worth Storms of May 5, 1995

Fire Weather: Oklahoma Fire Danger Model Interpretation

Weather Impacts on the Oklahoma Fire Danger Model

Winter Weather: An Oklahoma Cold Front, November 10-11, 1995

Northeast Oklahoma River/Basin Flooding: August 19, 1997

The Oklahoma Storms of April 2, 1994

The Oklahoma/Kansas Tornado Outbreak of May 3, 1999
     Radar Loops from the May 3, 1999 Tornado Outbreak

Case Study: May 22, 1996 Heatbursts

The Chicago Floods of July 18, 1996

The Oklahoma Flash Drought of Summer 2000

Case Study: The Tornado Outbreaks of May 2003

Final Overview: The Lahoma Storm of August 17, 1994


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