Northeast Oklahoma River/Basin Flooding
August 19, 1997
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1. You can use the 10-year, 3-hour return period maps as a rule-of-thumb value of rainfall required to produce flooding in the absence of other information. Determine the 10-year, 3-hour return period value for your location.   Answer

2. How much rain is needed to produce flash flooding for Tulsa County in a one-hour period? In a three-hour period? In a six-hour period?   Answer

3. How much rain is expected in the affected area for each six-hour period of the forecast? Do any of these exceed the six-hour flash flood guidance threshold?   Answer

4. Does the River Forecast Center indicate any reason for concern? If so, what are their concerns?   Answer

5. What scenarios might lead you to expect a heavy rainfall event?   Answer

6. What antecedent conditions may affect flood estimates?   Answer

7. Are there structures or behavior of storms which could be significant?   Answer

8. What basin characteristics could change the flood estimate based on a given rainfall?   Answer

9. What conditions might lead to a radar's overestimate of precipitation? Underestimate?   Answer

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